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October 2022 Why would you place the witch mark spiral on your home?
Answer Answer given at the end of the month.
Winners No one yet.

September 2022 What mythical creature appeared in the first edition of The Hobbit as relatives to Elves but Tolkien removed by the second edition?
Answer Gnomes.
Winners No one!

August 2022 Who was "Old Bet" and what is the her supposed claim to fame?
Answer Old Bet (died July 24, 1816) was the first circus elephant and the second elephant brought to the United States.
Winners No one!

July 2022 What do the following have in common - guacamole, reverse polarity, Davey Jones and pin cushions.
Answer They were all used by Robin in the Batman and Robin television series with Holy inserted in front.
Winners No one!

June 2022 In Sherlock Holmes "The Man with the Twisted Lip," what do Neville St. Clair and Hugh Boone have in common?
Answer Neville St. Clair and Hugh Boone were the same person.
Winners George Frederick

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