A Poetic Summary of
The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien

by Alyssa Brown

An Unexpected Party

There was a hobbit living in a hole,
Though not dark and dirty like a mole.
Bilbo's kin was Baggins and Took,
He Ioved to blow smoke rings and to cook.
One day he came across a man of fame,
He said that Gandalf was his name.
With the hobbit he had a little stay,
While leaving he said he'd return the next day.
Waiting for the wizard to return to his nest,
Bilbo had an unexpected guest.
By guest Iíll tell you what I mean,
Not just one dwarf but thirteen.
In the hobbit hole, they made a mess,
In turn to hire Bilbo for a quest.
They said that burglar was his job.
An important part of the dwarven mob.
They were going to rob the dragon, Smaug,
Their treasure he stole like a vile dog.
It once belonged to Thorin's grandfather,
Which is why they're going through all the bother.
Of course Bilbo would get his share of pay,
One fourteenth profit going his way.
So it was decided that tomorrow therein,
Bilbo's great adventure would begin.

Unexpected Party - John Howe


Roast Mutton

So they took off on their way,
Turning out so far that it wasn't a bad day.
But to make everyone grumpy and mad,
Bad weather and rain were to be had.
A pony took off, all in a mood,
So in the river it lost lots of food.
Unknown to the group, Gandalf took flight,
Ever so quietly, like a blown away kite.
Under damp trees is the camp they did take,
Unable to make fire was an annoying pain-stake.
And when they saw an inquisitive light,
What to do about it broke out a fight.
The burglar being Bilbo's occupation,
They sent him to find out the information
Quietly with his hobbit feet,
A trio of trolls is what he did meet.
Listening to what the trolls did say,
Roast mutton to eat was their dismay.
Bilbo the burglar decided his first gig,
To take the troll s wallet, which was very big.
Startling Bilbo, the wallet fought!
Only to get the little hobbit caught.
Because the burglar was so long in being gone,
They decided to look for him before dawn.
Not knowing the trolls owned the mysterious light,
They too were captured against their might.
But unbeknownst to either clan,
Gandalf was back with a plan.
How to cook dwarf the trolls couldn't decide.
Gandalf fueled their fight as he did hide.
They fought until the crack of dawn,
Because after that the trolls were gone.
If sunlight hits trolls while they drone,
Itís well known fact that they turn to stone.
With everyone freed and in their right dome,
They came to find the trollsí old home.
The door was locked, so they wondered,
How were they going to get the trolls plunder.
A key is what they were looking for,
And Bilbo had the one for the door.
He picked it up when the trolls were a-muck,
It turned out to be for his good luck.
They entered and went through the trollsí hoard,
Gandalf, Thorin, and Bilbo each took a sword.
They got their much-needed provisions,
From the trollsí small edible division.
Though events that day didnít strengthen their bond,
They went on their way to see Elrond.

Bert, Bill and Tom the Trolls - Alan Lee


A Short Rest

The path they were on was for Rivendell,
To be led astray would not be well.
Because it was hidden as well as a mouse,
It felt like forever till they found the Last Homely House.
The last stretch of trail made Bilbo tired,
But the singing of trees made him wired.
Bilbo said dwarves and elves donít get long,
Elves donít care for their wealth, dwarves don't care for their song.
Tired and wanting to rest their feet,
In the Last Homely House they had a good sleep.
They stayed at the House for a good two week,
They had to continue their journey to get what they seek.
Elrond assessed the weapons they did take,
And assured that they weren't of troll make.
Thorin had Orcrist and Gandalf had Glamdring,
Neither of which were just little playthings.
They were made in the Gondolin for -
The battles of the Goblin-wars.
Thorinís grandfather made the map they need,
With runes on it only Elrond could read.
These could only be read in the light of the moon,
But said they needed to make their destination soon.
With new found information in hand,
They set off towards the dwarven home land

Rivendell - JRR Tolkien


Over Hill and Under Hill

Up Misty Mountains, they made their way,
Trying to keep from the mountain's play.
Cheating ends and deceptive paths,
It was really a landmark full of wrath.
The days were filled with rain and cold,
To Bilbo, this was already getting old.
One day there was a battle of storms,
Which left Bilbo wanting somewhere warm.
Off went Fill and Kill to find somewhere nice,
So that they might not all turn to ice.
Soon they returned with a place to go.
Though it wouldn't come first in a competing show.
But it was dry and out of the rain,
It really eased the group's pain.
So they chatted a while and had a good time,
With hopes that tomorrow would be fine.
Startled, Bilbo woke with a fright!
And saw a very off putting sight.
The ponies were dragged into an enormous crack,
It was goblins using a sneak attack!
Bilbo's yelp helped Gandalf get away,
But Bilbo and the dwarves were there to stay.
Thorin tried to explain their tale,
At listening, though, the Great Goblin did fail.
Orcrist, Thorinís sword, the goblins knew well,
For it sent many a goblin straight to Hell.
Thinking that dwarf would be a nice treat,
It was Thorin the Great Goblin tried to eat.
But before the Great Goblin could make a mark,
The fire went out and it was all dark.
Then a great fire grew from the black,
With sparks jumping on the goblin backs,
It was Gandalf back to save the day,
And get everyone out the right way.
Bilbo rode on the back of Dori,
His running legs didn't have any glory.
But he falls of and hits his head,
So Bilbo get left there for dead.

Great Goblin - John Howe


Riddles in the Dark

Waking up, Bilbo couldnít see a thing,
So he felt around and only found a ring.
He pocketed it and tried to find his way,
It would be a lot easier with the light of day.
Stumbling, he found underground water,
While unknowingly being eyed as fodder.
At the sound of the watcher;s voice,
Bilbo's sword was his first choice.
Bilbo and creature Gollum swapped names,
And then decided to play a game.
If Bilbo stumped Gollum with riddles,
Gollum shows way out from mountain middle.
But if Gollum was the one to win,
Then Bilbo would be staying as din.
So back and forth the riddles were said,
Till Bilbo was running out in his head.
ďWhatís in my pocket?Ē he said, groping his coat.
Unable to answer, Gollum went to his boat.
Planning on getting his golden ring,
In his world, it was the most precious thing.
With it on he could not be seen,
This was part of his plan, by all means.
The plan to Gollum was really a winner,
To sneak back and have the hobbit for dinner.
But the golden ring, Gollum couldnít find,
It sent him out of what was left of his mind.
Bilbo began to get the feel,
That Gollum wasnít going to keep his end of the deal.
Back up the corridor he ran away,
For if he didn't, he knew he would pay.
While doing so he slipped on the ring,
Only to fall because he tripped on something.
With no chance to get up or cry,
Gollum went zooming right on by
Bilbo got up and followed the thing,
But stopped when it spoke of the ring.
ďThe Baggins doesnít know the ring isss magic,
To the back-door before things gets more tragic!Ē
So invisibility was the ringís use,
Bilbo thoughy it was bad for Gollum to lose.
But Gollum's loss was Bilboís gain,
It really saved him from a lot of pain.
Finally, at the back door, they made it there,
But for Gollum to go any farther would be a dare.
So he sat, not moving, like a stump,
And thatís when Bilbo decided he had to jump.
Right over Gollumís head,
If he didnít, he would have been dead.
A little farther he had to go,
But goblins were starting to appear in the show.
Finally, he saw the way to get out of it,
Even though it was a very tight fit.
He squeezed through the door, loosing a button or two,
But heís just happy to be alive with the last few.

Riddles in the Dark - Alan Lee